Zhiwei (William) Li

Security Researcher

(510) 926-6238

NASA could land a man on the moon and return him safely 4 decades ago. And yet, better-funded, better-educated and better-fed engineers in Silicon Valley could not even make Johnny's passwords secure. Now, I'm on a soul-searching mission to change this. Shoot me an email, if you are interested too.

About Me

I am primarily interested in security, privacy, formal methods, and programming languages. I received my PhD from University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2012, supervised by Prof. Weichao Wang. I worked at CNRS Research Lab as a summer intern with Dr. Véronique Cortier. After graduation, I worked as a research staff at UC Berkeley with Prof. Dawn Song. More recently, I worked as a research scientist at Shape Security, helping build the world's first botwall.

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